Location studies

Location, location, location: the time-honoured real estate credo: Is it still applicable or subject to change nonetheless?

Location studies

Quares is steeped in real estate.  We draw on our expertise in residential and commercial real estate to answer your questions on real estate solutions. Data are important here.  Consistent information which can be retrieved directly on your telephone is becoming the new norm. Your establishment strategy must be based on the right information. Quares can help you on various fronts as a partner.


Spatial needs analysis

This analysis entails estimates of the need for space for industrial estates or in commercial areas/retail centres.  We chart space supply and demand and focus on the policy vision to gauge the nature and scope of the desired offer in a usable area. The result is a set of recommendations customized for each municipality, including a summary of possible scenarios, solutions and partners.


Location research, network analysis and expansion strategy

Developers, investors, companies but also governmental authorities can call on the expertise of Quares to advise and guide them on location research, network analysis or expansion strategy. In this respect, we examine all important points, such as:

  • Market data
  • Land use planning by governmental authorities at various levels
  • Environmental factors and specific location characteristics
  • Opportunities in existing or new real estate offer
  • Competition analysis
  • Urban planning and technical environmental conditions
  • Accessibility and mobility
  • Financial aspects

The services that we offer here include market space calculation, branching plans, socio-economic permits, blind spot plans, acquisition guidance, expansion guidance, etc.


Benchmark analysis

When it comes to a specifically desired development, we can weigh several locations against each other.

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"Onze operationele ervaring vanuit agency, management en investment geeft ons heel wat relevante data voor onderzoek. Met die data aan de slag gaan is een uitdaging die we graag met u aangaan”.

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